PREVnet: Bullying Prevention and Intervention Fact Sheet

This Bullying Prevention and Intervention in the School Environment resource exists for educators. On top of introduction, education, assessment, prevention and intervention and policy sections, it will also support your ongoing bullying prevention efforts. It also includes tools to provide evidence-based strategies to recognize, assess, prevent, intervene and develop an evidence-based bully prevention policy. PREVNet co-founders Dr. Debra Pepler and Dr. Wendy Craig, along with contributors from Dr. Joanne Cummings and Dr. Nancy Dalgarno, prepared this resource in 2014.

Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet) is a national network of leading researchers and organizations working together to stop bullying in Canada. It is the first of its kind in Canada. It has three key messages:

  • Bullying is wrong and hurtful
  • Bullying is a relationships problem
  • Promoting relationships and eliminating violence are everybody's responsibility

PREVNet works to make Canada a world-leader in bullying prevention as well as promoting healthy relationships. It has additional up-to-date resources and tools available on its website, as well as partner organizations, events and more.