School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) supports districts to enhance student mental health through the use of evidence-based strategies and services. Since 2011, it has worked alongside government and school partners, along with provincial education and health organizations, to develop a systematic and comprehensive approach.

It provides:

  • leadership and guidance about best practices
  • implementation coaching
  • tailored, co-created resources
  • mental health literacy for educators and school/system leaders
  • training for SMH professionals
  • mental health awareness for parents/families
  • a platform for student voice and leadership

Through these services, it aims to enhance the quality and consistency of mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention programming in Ontario schools.

Check the website for the six strategic goals and five key strategies, and discover how SMHO is achieving them. Evidence-based information and resources are available for school and system leaders, educators, students, parents, and more.