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Weight Bias and Stigma in Schools

Developed by Interior Health British Columbia, this resource explains how weight bias and stigma can affect all dimensions of students' wellbeing in the school context. The authors outline multiple steps school staff can take to reduce weight bias and offer links to many recommended resources to extend learning in this area. https://www.interiorhealth.ca/sites/default/files/PDFS/weight-bias-and-stigma-in-schools.pdf

Conversations on School Health – Podcast Series

The Podclass is a learning podcast produced by Ever Active Schools made to inspire educators with ideas for happy, healthy classrooms. This series, Conversations on School Health, is a collaboration between the Werklund School of Education and Ever Active Schools. Over 19 episodes, we cover the foundations of comprehensive school health and take a deeper dive into the health and wellness topics most requested by teachers.  https://the-podclass.captivate.fm/listen

The Children’s Link Society

The Children’s Link Society is known and valued for offering resources, information, connections and hope to families and professionals caring for children and youth with special needs. Children’s Link is staffed by a dedicated team, many of whom have lived experience with disability. Our resource database contains more than 1,000 community resources, enabling us to provide people with a comprehensive variety of service and support options. Through one-to-one conversations, support groups, workshops, and online networking opportunities, Children’s Link provides a safe, accepting environment for people to learn, share and connect.   Services we offer:  One-one-one support Resource listings for services such as preschools, recreational activities, respite, counselling and more.  Natural supports groups – coffee socials  Assistance with adult transition supports (AISH, PDD & Guardianship applications)  Support and assistance for families to apply for FSCD and Support agencies in Calgary.  Resource Fairs and workshops On-line database For more information, please visit us at our website: https://childrenslink.ca

Kainai Board of Education Wellness Policy

The Kainai Board of Education (KBE) created its Wellness Policy for students and staff to be lifelong learners. It promotes wellness within the school so that community members can live healthy, disease-free lives. The KBE rooted this policy in the local belief in promoting the rights, powers and welfare of the Nation; however, it also acknowledges where these beliefs meet a Western worldview. The Wellness Policy covers spiritual, emotional, mental and also physical well-being. The KBE create this wellness policy knowing that the community lives with the effects of intergenerational trauma, but also that culture, traditions and land provide the strength and knowledge needed to thrive. The board embeds wellness in the culture, curriculum and extracurricular programming of all schools. The four aspects of the Traditional Wheel guide the approach to wellness. Kainai Wellness Policy 

Teaching Sexual Health

Teaching Sexual Health is an innovative website developed by Alberta educators and health professionals. It offers up-to-date, evidence-based information and strategies. These strategies are for teachers and educators, as well as for parents of children from birth up to 18 years of age. Its philosophy reflects the approach to sexual health education embodied in Health Canada’s (2019) Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. Health Canada created the guidelines based on the principle that sexual health education should be accessible to all people, as well as that it should be provided in an age appropriate, culturally sensitive manner. The guidelines respect an individual’s right to make informed choices about sexual and reproductive health. Teaching Sexual Health believes that sexual health education honours the self-worth and dignity of the individual and does not discriminate against race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethno-cultural background or disability. https://teachingsexualhealth.ca/