Teacher and Staff Well-being (K-12)

Information and resources to support learning related to teacher and staff well-being.

ASEBP The Sandbox

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan, in collaboration with the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund, APPLE Schools, Be Fit For Life Network and Ever Active Schools, has a website dedicated to connecting and supporting wellness champions across the province called The Sandbox. Check out this site for a variety of resources to support workplace wellness champions in the public education sector in Alberta.  https://www.thewellnesssandbox.ca/


Based in Ontario, Ophea's vision is that all children and youth value and enjoy the lifelong benefits of healthy, active living. They champion healthy, active living in schools and communities, work with and support teachers, education leaders, health professionals and pre-service teachers and provide resources to support the implementation of health and wellness initiatives in Ontario schools. View the Ophea website to learn more.  https://www.ophea.net/

Kainai Board of Education Wellness Policy

The Kainai Board of Education (KBE) created its Wellness Policy for students and staff to be lifelong learners. It promotes wellness within the school so that community members can live healthy, disease-free lives. The KBE rooted this policy in the local belief in promoting the rights, powers and welfare of the Nation; however, it also acknowledges where these beliefs meet a Western worldview. The Wellness Policy covers spiritual, emotional, mental and also physical well-being. The KBE create this wellness policy knowing that the community lives with the effects of intergenerational trauma, but also that culture, traditions and land provide the strength and knowledge needed to thrive. The board embeds wellness in the culture, curriculum and extracurricular programming of all schools. The four aspects of the Traditional Wheel guide the approach to wellness. Kainai Wellness Policy 

DASH BC: Dedicated Action for School Health

Based in BC, Dedicated Action for School Health (DASH) promotes, supports and facilitates the creation of healthy school communities. DASH works with cross-sector partners to promote comprehensive school health. It runs a variety of school-health initiatives. It also has resources to support healthy school communities. View the DASH BC website to access these resources, and also sign up for the newsletter to keep up with its work. https://dashbc.ca/ 

Alberta Education: Safe and Caring Schools

All members of school communities — students, parents, community members and school authorities — have a responsibility to ensure schools are safe, welcoming and caring learning environments. School communities should respect diversity and nurture belonging and positive sense of self. A sense of belonging encourages students to stay in school, learn and succeed. The Government of Alberta has both compiled tools and resources, and introduced legislation and practices, to support school communities to be welcoming, caring, respectful and safe.  https://www.alberta.ca/safe-and-caring-schools.aspx?utm_source=redirector

Well at Work by EdCan

Developed by the EdCan Network, Well at Work calls on education leaders to commit to making workplace well-being a top priority, and encourages everyone to take responsibility in creating supportive school cultures where staff look after their well-being and that of their colleagues — every day. Despite the fact that stress and burnout are on the rise among staff in Canadian K-12 education systems, investment to support their well-being isn’t keeping pace. Well at Work is all about giving schools and school districts the tools they need to improve working conditions for the long term. The EdCan Network's mission is to ensure that ALL students thrive in our schools. This initiative aims to shift mindsets by showcasing research, policy and practice that results in healthier, happier, and more resilient Kindergarten-to-Grade 12 staff. https://www.edcan.ca/well-at-work/

Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools (EAS) is a provincial initiative in Alberta to create and support healthy school communities. Using a comprehensive school health approach, it addresses health and education goals to improve the social outcomes of children and youth. The Health and Physical Education Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association created EAS as a special project. It uses collaborative partnerships, projects-based work, knowledge exchange and competency-based learning opportunities to accomplish goals. It is a connecting point within the province for supporting healthy children and youth. EAS runs projects such as Learn to Skate, Teachers of Tomorrow and more. It also provides professional learning and plenty of classroom-ready resources for teachers. It hosts conferences and events for both professionals and youth to further its work in the health and education fields. EAS shares content through an annual magazine and a monthly e-newsletter, along with other channels such as social media. Ever Active Schools receives funding from government as well as private grants and partners. It has worked closely with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities to increase capacity for sport and overall student well-being in Alberta school communities. Visit the Ever Active Schools website to learn more about comprehensive school health, access resources and professional learning, and get involved with provincial projects. http://everactive.org

Alberta Health Services: The Comprehensive School Health Approach

Comprehensive School Health is an internationally-recognized and effective approach for building healthy school communities. It can be used to address a variety of health issues and can improve health, education, and social outcomes for children and youth. Using a whole-school model, CSH builds capacity to incorporate well-being as an essential aspect of student achievement. Alberta Health Services has dedicated a page to CSH implementation resources, including an introduction to the CSH framework, steps for building a healthy school community, and the distinct, but inter-related, components of CSH that comprise the approach. https://schools.healthiertogether.ca/en/learn/the-csh-framework/